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Pickleball Equipment - Paddle

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Makers of the best quality, most innovative pickleball paddles and equipment.
FiiXelbow support for pickleball and tennis elbow.
The Fiix Elbow is a simple, at-home solution for tennis, golfer’s and pickleball elbow. It worked for me and it can work for you! Enter code HOWARD for a special discount.
Free mobile application to help players find courts, get connected with other players in their skill level, and manage their club or group's play schedule!


Pickleball Librarian
Pickleball Librarian is a highly valuable online resource run by pickleball enthusiast Andrew Evans. Pickleball Librarian provides interesting and inspiring information on brands, products, people, organizations, and events.
A segment of Nike sports camps which run programs all across the country, including pickleball camps led by Daniel J Howard.