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Meet Your Coach

Daniel J Howard

Professional Pickleball Player and Instructor
Certified Sports Mental Coach

Daniel J Howard professional pickleball player, MLP DC Pickleball General Manager
Daniel J Howard signed to Team Selkirk
Daniel J Howard Certificate for Sports Mental Coaching
Daniel J Howard group photo leading a Nike pickleball camp

Daniel J Howard is a nationally recognized pickleball player, top-rated coach, mental game expert and thought leader. After discovering pickleball in 2014, he fell in love and devoted himself to playing and learning as much as he could about the sport. 

As a player, Daniel won gold in his first tournament 2014, at 5.0, and since then played many 5.0 and pro level events, winning a gold in men’s 5.0 at the US Open in April, 2016. He won over 50 medals at the 5.0 level around the country, including gold with Jackie Kawamoto at the Midwest Championships in 2021. He obtained a top ten finish in men’s pro at the Chicago Open in 2022. 

He is still having fun competing at the pro level and is looking forward to senior pro events starting in two years. 

Daniel is sponsored by Selkirk Sport. 
Daniel’s pedigree as a teacher and coach is extensive. He earned a degree in exercise science and has nearly 30 years of full-time teaching and coaching experience in a variety of sports. 

In tennis, Daniel taught all ages and levels from beginner to professional. He coached a top Michigan tennis team at East Lansing High School and worked closely alongside the Michigan State University men’s tennis team. He recently helped launch  Major League Pickleball’s DC Pickleball Team, serving as the General Manager and Head Coach. 
Daniel currently conducts his own pickleball camps and clinics across the country as well as being a lead instructor with Nike Pickleball Camps. He has traveled to the four corners of the country to lead pickleball camps, teaching well over a thousand satisfied students over the past few years. 
Daniel is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional and is currently working with several pro pickleball players to improve their mental game skills. He works with individual players of various abilities in other sports as well, all the way up to the professional level.
Daniel’s experience as a high-level player, his advanced knowledge of pickleball and high caliber teaching ability, along with his understanding of the mental game blend with his passion for people, equips him to offer something above and beyond what you might expect from a traditional sports coach: a genuine, down-to-earth mentor who understands how to take you from good to great. His goal is to meet you where you are to help you learn and improve and have fun while doing so.
Daniel and his wife, Christine, are the proud parents of five children: four boys and one girl. Daniel and his family live in Okemos, Michigan.